Hey bookish friends! I’m your blog and book club host, Emily! I am so excited to be sharing my goals and purposes about Lost In The Plot!

To begin, I really want to explain how my book club’s name came to life. Before starting my business, I knew I wanted a brand name that would be reachable, but also that resonated with me as a person and what I wanted the brand to represent. When I started consistently reading a little over 3 years ago, I was going through a hard time in my work life and in my relationship at the time. Books were a vital escape from reality for me and they really helped me cope with what I was going through. To this day, now being a lot healthier and happier, I still consider reading to be a way of escaping everyday life and putting myself in a creative mindset.

After weeks of thinking, I finally came up with the brand name Lost In The Plot. It’s catchy, fitting to the mission of my brand, and most of all captures exactly why I fell in love with reading. The plot of most books allows me to escape from reality and feel lost in a story other than my own. Perhaps books resonate differently with others, but I really want my brand to allow other bookworms to share my love for escapism. I want Lost In The Plot Book Club members to discuss how books we read make them feel and continue to leave lasting effects on our everyday lives.

So now that you have a little bit of an understanding as to what my goal and mission are, you may be wondering, “Emily, who are you going to be accepting into the Lost In The Plot Book Club?”

EASY…Anyone and everyone! I personally gravitate towards thrillers and romances, however, this book club is going to be a chance for everyone involved to branch out to new and interesting genres. I want this book club to be inviting for as many members as I can, as I believe discussing books with different people from all over the world is the best way for us to open up our minds and think differently and more creatively. So come one, come all! Whether you’re 16 or 86, I want everyone to get cozy, grab a drink, and enjoy discussing books with this tight-knit community!

If you are interested in joining and/or following my social media platforms, everything is linked on my website for you to do so! Thank you so much for reading bookish friends!