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7 Easy Tips for Getting Into Reading

You’re probably landing on this blog post because you either want to get into reading for the first time, you used to read and want to read again, or you’ve been in a reading slump lately and need some tips on getting your mojo back!

This post is going to have 7 great tips for getting into reading, for all of you to start regularly reading and feel inspired to continuously pick up more books!

1. Choose Wisely

I know how tempting it can be to just go onto Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or Indigo websites and just order books based on their covers or recommendations you may have received from social media or even friends. But I’d like to argue you go a different route when purchasing your books for the first time!

Instead of ordering blindly, for the first few times you buy books try going to a bookstore in person. Don’t worry, you’ll still have the opportunity to judge a book by its cover, but in this case, I have a strategy for you to pick out books that will actually be right for you!

tips for getting into reading

I want you to put the few books you’ve chosen based on their cover in a basket and before you check out I want you to read the synopsis of each one, and then flip to a random page in each and read a paragraph to see how you like the writing style.

I’ll bet good money at least one of the books you’ve chosen out based on its cover will not interest you anymore once you’ve done this! I think this is a great way to find a higher success rate in the books you’ll buy and actually enjoy!

2. Start Small

I feel like this tip is given a lot and for good reason; start yourself small with shorter books and if possible books with shorter chapters.

While I’m definitely more okay now with reading longer books, I still do find myself more invested in books under 400 pages with shorter chapters. I just feel like the shortness of the chapters especially keeps me on my toes and allows me to want to keep reading for longer!

tips for getting into reading

I would recommend starting with a book that’s under 300 pages at first and working your way up to longer books if you so desire, but having less intimidating-looking books to choose from at first will definitely be helpful!

3. Schedule Time Each Day

While I know this tip may not be possible for everyone, I still think it’s important to consider as it will allow you to grow into the habit of reading more.

Try setting aside a certain amount of time each day (at least 30 mins-1 hour) to enjoy your book. I know this time may not be the same each day, because some people, myself included, don’t have a 9-5 job, but if you know your schedule in advance try to work reading around that.

tips for getting into reading

If you’re someone who does have a 9-5 job this is even easier for you; you can decide on a set time each day, for example, 7 AM for early birds before work or 7 PM for night owls who enjoy reading books to calm themselves before bed!

Having this time commitment may seem daunting, but over time it will allow your brain to automatically remember this new habit of reading every day and eventually you will just want to pick up your book any chance you can!

4. Create A Cozy Reading Space

This tip is kind of an extension of tip number 4, but do your best to create a safe space in your home to read. This could simply be on your couch with a warm beverage and cozy blanket, or you can go all own and make a specific area of your house meant for reading with twinkly lights and however else you like to decorate!

tips for getting into reading

I know this may not seem like much of a tip, but I find that when my environment is positive, calming, and somewhere I genuinely want to be, I will definitely sit there and pick up my book to start my day fresh or unwind in the evenings!

5. Set A Realistic Goal

This tip may not be for everyone and that’s totally okay, but I personally think when starting your reading journey it’s important to set a realistic monthly/yearly goal and track it so you can keep yourself motivated.

I personally love using GoodReads, however, there are many other apps such as StoryGraph where you can make a list of the books you want to read, check them off as you read them, and leave reviews for your friends to see!

tips for getting into reading

Speaking of friends, maybe instead of using an app to track your progress and motivate yourself, your friend wants to join on this reading journey with you and you can motivate each other! Or maybe you want to start a reading journal and grow your creative side. There are so many options, but I feel like having a monthly/yearly goal is important when starting!

Like I said before, this may not be for everyone and I don’t want this tip to come off as high-pressured; it’s just an idea to simply hold yourself accountable without taking it too seriously!

6. It’s OK to DNF

In case you’re not aware of what DNF stands for, it means “Did Not Finish” and I want to remind you that it’s totally okay to DNF books.

Reading is meant to be a fun experience for you to open your mind, expand your creativity, and escape from reality. Just because someone recommends a book to you or a book you found seems interesting at first, doesn’t mean you need to finish the whole thing if it isn’t catching your attention. Never ever feel pressured to read a book; just move on to the next one and enjoy yourself!

7. Join a Community or Book Club

I know this tip may seem intimidating to some, but I truly believe joining a book club is a great way to ensure you’re reading at least one book per month. It’s motivating while also being fun because you get to interact with other readers either in person or online about the books you’ve read together!

If you’ve thought about joining a book club in the past, here’s your sign to join one now! Speaking of which, Lost In The Plot Book Club is always accepting new members and it’s such a lovely community over on Discord where we read 1 book a month together and meet up once a month to discuss!

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You’ll have the opportunity to sign up for my newsletter and vote for the day we meet as well as the book we read every month, and you’ll be in the know for any other exciting updates and giveaways I may be having! We’d love to have you and help motivate you on your reading journey!

Tips for Getting Into Reading – Closing Statements

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