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Where I’ve Been and New Year Blogging Plans!!!

Hey Bookworms! I am here to formally announce that I am back to blogging and couldn’t be happier about it! I think I’m pretty set on my new year blogging plans and schedule, and I’ll mention it in this post, but in the meantime, I figured I’d give you guys an update on where I’ve been and what’s been going on in my life!💛

My last blog post was in July 2022 and that was right around the time I moved across the country and bought my first house. While things have certainly calmed down since then, my life was pretty hectic up until recently and is still constantly changing and evolving!


We never saw the house in person prior to arriving (other than in detailed photos and videos), and for a couple of months, we were unpacking, renovating, fixing, and decorating the house. While I really hated not blogging until now, it felt necessary to take a step back to focus on the house, my relationships, working at Indigo, my Etsy shop, and my Book Club!📚

Clearly from the list above you can tell I’m a busy bee, but I feel like my life has finally got to a point where I can start implementing writing again and it’s such a passion of mine! My main focuses lately have been implementing better Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on my Etsy shop, recording my BookTube videos, and creating a beautiful community through my virtual Book Club! 

Next Steps and Priorities for Blogging

All of that being said, moving forward I have new goals and priorities I’d like to focus on. I still want to focus on implementing better SEO on my Etsy shop, and I also want to start doing that for my website and blog posts too! I have made the tough decision to take a step back from my consistent BookTube schedule and only upload videos when I want to if they feel authentic and fun to record! Lastly, my Book Club will forever remain a priority because I love having a safe place on the internet to discuss books with amazing, like-minded people!💛

I hope you’re excited to see more blog posts from me! I know that consistency and quality are key over randomness and quantity, so I’m aiming to post once per week right now and see where things go! I am going to have my blog posts published for you guys every Monday at 9:00 am!

cat typing
me typing away blog posts over here!!!

Thank you for being here to support my blog! If you’re new here, please don’t hesitate to check out my old blog posts here! Also please don’t hesitate to check out my Etsy Shop and support my small business that I am incredibly passionate about! I cannot wait to write about book recommendations, releases, and reviews, as well as other topics that I’m passionate about as my life progresses!

Be sure to check out my social media in the links at the top of this page and comment down below if you’re excited about a new and improved blogging season! See you next week for my first official book-related blog post!💛