6 Book Recommendations to Buy Your Kids for Easter!

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Hey bookworms! For today’s blog post I wanted to do something different and fun for all of you parents or young readers out there! I’m going to be giving you book ideas to either ask for as a kid or gift this Easter to your kids! I have mixed in some new, popular releases with old classics just to give you some variety, and all of these books are great for kids ages 3-8! I am by no means an expert on kid’s books, but working at Indigo has allowed me to see which Easter books are selling like hotcakes, and these are the most memorable ones!

Let’s get started!

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This book is published by the brand JellyCat, which is most popular for its adorable and costly stuffed animals! Not to mention there’s an adorable egg JellyCat that could go with this book for your child!

The synopsis for this toddlers/children’s Easter book is, “What makes Egg so happy and full of golden glow? Well, anything and everything that’s yolky and yellow!

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Bloomsbury is a very popular kid’s book company and I’ve noticed quite a few people actually ordering this for pickup so they can give it to their children as an Easter gift!

The synopsis for this short story says, “Join the Easter Bunnies as they set off on an exciting lift-the-flap egg hunt. There are ten eggs to find and count – but watch out for the wolfish surprise!

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This author is the creator of the best-selling Gossie&Friends books! It’s a fun one because, on top of seeing so many kids yelling at their parents to look at this colorful book cover, it also includes stickers for your children too!

The synopsis for this book says, “Gossie, Gertie, BooBoo, and Peedie are all dying Easter eggs. Ollie wants Easter eggs too and he has a plan on how he’ll get them! 


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This is a good one for all of my dog lovers out there! This author has made many books dedicated to Peggy the Pug and this is their Easter spin-off!

The synopsis of this book says, “Peggy the pug’s family have adopted an adorable little bunny, just in time for Easter. Peggy used to be the top dog, but now she has to share their attention with this long-eared newcomer. Jealous of the new pet, Peggy decides that she must become a rabbit to compete. Can every bunny learn to get along and realize that there’s more than enough love to go around?”

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I think everyone and their mother knows about this book, but if you are not aware, this book is a much-loved tale and has been ever since its debut in 1922!

The synopsis of this book says, “The tale of one stuffed animal’s quest to become Real! The simple story of a neglected Christmas present that surfaced from a nursery full of toys to become a boy’s favorite and cherished friends, The Velveteen Rabbit affirms the power of love. The Rabbit learns that when a child loves you…then you become real.”

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Here’s another much-loved tale from years ago that is still loved to this day! I remember my mom reading me this book every Easter and it brought me so much joy!

The synopsis of this iconic book says, “Follow the story of naughty Peter Rabbit as he squeezes under the gate into Mr. McGregor’s garden and finds himself in all kinds of trouble!”

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So there you have it bookworms! Like I said, I’m not a genius when it comes to knowledge about kid’s books, but these have definitely been the few I’ve seen as most sold at Indigo! I also like that all of these books are super easy to read to your child on Easter, and their covers are adorable!

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All of these books range in price from $9.99 to $19.99, which for books these days, especially meaningful ones, is a great deal! Thank you so much for reading today’s blog post, and I hope I was able to give you some Easter book inspiration! Comment down below your favorite Easter-themed book! Have a lovely rest of your week!❤❤❤